Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

ESOPs – We have developed a specialized niche for serving as an independent corporate trustee for Employee Stock Ownership Plans.  Our expertise allows us to serve as an independent transaction trustee for purchase transactions and as trustee to evaluate the sale of ESOP owned companies to larger non ESOP companies.  We also serve as the ongoing corporate trustee for several companies located throughout the United States.  Other services we provide related to the management of ESOPs include:

  • Performing due diligence work
  • Annually engaging the services of an independent financial expert to value the company stock
  • Ensuring ESOP loans are reasonable and coordinating the debt service payments
  • Receiving the employer contribution, paying the debt, and making distributions to plan participants
  • Providing individual tax forms for all participant distributions
  • Keeping accurate records and providing timely statements
  • Being an informed "shareholder” and understanding the company’s overall direction, financial health, and future goals and plans
  • Visiting the company periodically